Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Letter From the Only One Who Understands My Heart

To My broken- hearted girl,
I love you. I know it doesn't seem that way right now. I know you're hurting. I know how unfair this is. I know how bad your pain is. But I love you. I wouldn't allow this kind of pain without reason. 

 Baby, I promise you that I am working for your good. Though it might not seem so right now, I am for you, not against you. I don't wish you harm, and it hurts Me to see you in this much pain. But there's a bigger picture I can see, and I am working out all the details for it.

 I know you want to blame yourself. I know you look at the risk you took and wonder if you should have. Baby, don't blame yourself. No one is at fault here. I'm proud of you for choosing the brave road, for letting yourself go in this journey.

 I know you want to blame Me. I know you fight not to ask yourself why I let this happen if this was going to be the outcome. I know you wonder why I could make this whole thing different, but I haven't. I know that in the middle of your pain you just wonder how much I could really love you because of how your life keeps turning out. 

 Baby, I'm not done yet. If I could take this pain away from you, I would. But it has purpose. I have the very best in mind for you, and that's why there are so many valleys you must walk, so many mountains you must climb. Don't take the shortcuts, darling. Don't keep trying to avoid the pain. Bring it to Me, and let Me love you back to life. Hour by hour, day by day, run to Me. I will make you brave. I will make you strong. I will show you everything you need to know in the exact moment you need to know it.

 I know you're so scared of the future, so fearful of the journey you're about to walk. I know you don't want to, and I know so often you feel like you don't even know how to. But love, you do. You know how to do this. It's one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Even if it's baby steps, just keep moving forward. Keep falling into Me. You're stronger than you know, baby girl, and when you don't have the strength, I'll always provide it for you. You're braver than you believe too, and when you don't know how to be brave anymore, come to Me. I'll always show you the way. 

 I love you, My precious daughter. I know you feel broken hearted, and I know you fear it'll only get worse in the days and weeks to come. But when it hurts the most is when I'm doing the most. I won't forget you, I won't abandon you. I won't let you drown, baby, I'm holding you with all My heart, and I won't ever let you go. I know it's not easy, My love. But I promise you it will be worth it. Be brave, My lion. Your story isn't over yet. I love you, again and again, I love you. Don't forget. 

 Love, Dad

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