Saturday, 7 March 2015

In The Haze of Suffering and Grief

I dont have a lot to say other than it's a tough season. Not only for me but for so many people around me who are facing grief. Who are battling for joy and for purpose. Who are battling long journeys ahead with illness. In the middle of it all there is one hope I’m holding onto.

I’m holding onto the hope of a renewed world, where there is no more suffering, no more death. I’m holding onto the hope of a world where there is no more cancer. No more pain. No more depression. No more sickness. No more anxiety. No more self-hate. No more anorexia or bulimia. No more fear. No more crying. No more orphans or broken hearts, or loneliness. No more broken families, and stress, and no more grief. No more injustice, no more darkness, no more war. When I have nothing else to hold onto, this is the hope I have. The hope that Jesus is coming back, and all the last shall be first, and everything, absolutely everything will be made new.

This is the Hope we have. This is what carries us through the dark days.

Jesus, come soon. 

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