Saturday, 14 February 2015

'The Morning After' (Post-Valentine's Day Thoughts)

Life isn't like the fairy tales at all. He's not always going to show up at your door with flowers. In the middle of your loneliness, the love of your life is not going to appear out of nowhere. You have to learn to rely on the One Who makes you complete, the only One Who will always and ever be enough. Your faith has got to be enough.

There's only One that can truly satisfy. And I'm sorry if you don't want to hear that, but I've spent long enough avoiding that truth, and it's better for you to learn that now.

Broken-hearted girl, you're never going to be able to fix yourself. I don't care how much red lipstick you wear, how hot you dress, how many words you ink into your skin. I dont care how many clubs you hit, how much alcohol you consume, how many guys grind all over you - you can't fix yourself.

Love isn't enough, baby. I'm sorry to say that to you but that's the honest truth, human love is not enough. It will never be enough. Christ's love - now that's enough. That's the only love that loves wholly, sufficiently, and eternally.

His love doesn't disappoint. His love doesn't require you to change anything about yourself, or pretend to be better than you are. His love, trust, and respect doesn't have to be earned - you already have it.

Broken-hearted girl, hear me on this. Your 'status', your state of being, is loved. Whether he showed up at your door with flowers or not, you are loved. You are seen. You are known. No man on this earth dictates that otherwise.

Know your worth. Know you are loved. Know you are treasured and cherished and remembered. You're allowed to be disappointed, baby. You're allowed to be hurt, but you cannot live one second longer believing you are not loved just because he didn't show up. You're loved, with a love that is completely enough. Open your hands, sweetheart, open your heart. Love has come for you.

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