Monday, 25 August 2014


I know it’s all been said before… But sometimes I think we just need the reminder – we don’t get our time over again. Moments are made to be lived, and this is what I have learned:

· No matter how badly you want to shut down, and stop your heart from getting involved, there is something beautiful about letting people in. There is something beautiful about building relationship with people.

· Some days are just made for escaping from reality. Take the road trip… Sit by the water and laugh with friends. Watch the waves crashing without saying a word.

· Leave your phone behind. There is always going to be time to scroll through news feeds and check text messages – there won’t always be time to see the look in someone’s eyes.

· Make memories. Pause in the moment long enough to capture it in your mind. As painful as memories can be, they are also so, so beautiful.

· Take the time to memorize someone… the way they laugh… the songs they sing quietly under their breath…. The depth in their eyes…

· Just be present… be thankful…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we don’t get do-overs. We don’t get to live that exact moment with those exact people ever again. And I don’t know about you but I am so tired of missing the little things because I’m too caught up in a computer or iphone screen. I’m tired of missing incredible moments because I’m rushing to the next place, or stressing out about all I’ve got to do that day.

Take chances, love. Be brave… Give yourself a break sometimes. Let yourself laugh and love and be loved. Be thankful for this very moment you are in, instead of thinking about everything you would change. Today is a gift. Today has blessings in it you will only see when you stop to look, and be thankful for them all. 
Life is good.

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