Sunday, 8 June 2014

Leadership and making mistakes....

So you made a mistake... It happens, baby. I know as a leader, a mistake feels like the end of the world, but it's really not. Part of being a leader is learning - sometimes that's the easy way, but sometimes it needs to be the hard way. You're not a superhero, honey. You're not always going to get it right. You're not always going to make the best or wisest decisions - and that's okay.

The key to making a mistake is learning from it. It's realizing you're not all-that-and-then-some, learning your lesson by humbling yourself, and then moving on.

Dont beat yourself up. That's not what humbling yourself means. Being humble means admitting you got it wrong, apologizing where necessary, and being open to wise counsel about the issue. It's about being teachable and taking ownership.

And the best thing - is finding the people around you who are grace-filled. People who dont and wont define you by your mistakes. Find those people and listen to them when they tell you truth. Accept their forgiveness when they offer it. Understand that Grace never runs out.

Realize our Teacher is also our Father who loves us unconditionally. Yes, He allows the mistakes so we can learn but He doesn't hold a grudge. And He isn't angry for the things we've done wrong. He wont punish us for the choices we've made. And He'll hold us through the natural consequences that come.

Leader or not - we're all human. We all screw up this life thing sometimes. We all say words we regret because we forget people might actually be listening to us. We all make choices we shouldn't, because we forget or somehow think we can avoid the consequences. It's no good beating yourself up for any of that.

Dont play the victim, baby.

Take ownership of your mistake and learn from it.

And always, always let His Grace and Love cover you. It's enough. 

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