Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The words I would say: Stop living life so afraid


I wanted to write this elaborate letter telling you all the things I cant say to you. But when I stopped to think about it, there is only one thing I need to tell you.

Stop being so fearful, honey.

Lately, every time I talk to you, i just see fear. fear of right now, this present moment. and fear of the unknown - the future that is not in your hands to control - much as you want it to be.
you need to know that fear will never set you free. fear will never let your dreams happen. clutching tightly to your plans for fear of losing out on something will never be a way of assuring they come through.

I dont want you to live your life afraid. I dont want you to miss the wide-open beautiful life He has for you simply because you cant see every detail right now.
the plans He has for you, baby? they're better than you can imagine. And i know its scary to trust Him, especially when you feel like you have it all figured out and know exactly what your life is going to hold. But you're missing out on so much by overlooking to His plans to live your own.

Maybe this is the first time you've had to live the unknown - you're gonna be okay. Maybe the unknown is what you were made for. maybe its the place you'll grow closer still to the One who made you. Maybe, just maybe, its not about knowing what tomorrow holds, but its all about knowing the One who holds tomorrow. 

You can trust Him. its okay to lean on His understanding rather than your own. it's okay to do things afraid knowing He is so much greater than the fear you're feeling.
but please, please dont keep letting fear control your every move, every decision. dont let your plans for your life get in the way of His. Trusting is scary, but you dont wanna miss this.

you dont want to miss what He's doing right now and what He'll do in the future. 

Trust Him, baby. You'll be okay.

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