Monday, 5 May 2014

Your Past is Your Past.... // A New Season

Beautiful girl,

You looked at us as you admitted your past and I truly felt your pain. I was swallowing back words that I so desperately needed to say but wasn’t sure how to.

I just want you to know that “your past is your past. We all make mistakes. But your purity can start now.

I just want you to know it’s not too late for you… And you’re never too dirty for His Grace. You’re never too far for His redemption. The things we go through, the choices we make, there will be natural consequences. But baby, He never punishes us for those things. When we ask for forgiveness, for Grace, we already have it, and nothing can ever take it away.

I guess if I could tell you one thing it’s this – today is a new day. It’s a brand new season. And I know healing takes time, more time than you realised but it’s coming. Spring is coming. A new season is here, and you – you’re a new creation. Your past is your past, baby-girl, there is no changing that. What happened happened and you can’t erase it. But you can move forward choosing to fix your eyes on Jesus.

Your purity can start now. Not every part of your life still has to be tainted because of way back when choices. You don’t have to feel like you’re unworthy of certain things or people because of what happened many years ago… We all make mistakes, we all have a past. But we don’t have to live letting it define us. We don’t have to live limited to the things we think we deserve just because of what we once chose for ourselves.

There is no condemnation anymore for you, baby. You don’t have to live under fear and guilt and shame anymore. You don’t have to live a less than, mediocre life just because you feel like that is all you’re worth. You’re worth everything, precious one, and NOTHING changes that. You’re worth was never defined by your actions, by the things you did. Your worth was determined when that Man, that beautiful, perfect Man surrendered His life for yours. What He did – forever determined that you are worth everything. You are even worth dying for. Your choices can never change or replace that.

Don’t live small anymore… Don’t live always telling yourself you only deserve certain things because of the past. When the fear and the shame tries to whisper, choose to listen to the Voice of Truth instead… The truth that says you were made for wide open spaces, for dreams and plans, for fairy-tale endings that are written and designed by Him Who knows you – completely.

Baby, your past is your past. We all make mistakes. But your purity – can start now.

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