Thursday, 17 April 2014

A New Fire // When You're Feeling Spiritually Dry at Easter

It was Ann Voskamp that wrote these words first, these words that made my heart stop and my spirit finally begin to stir: “The days that are dry and brittle, ready to snap — these days are perfect kindling for a burning bush.”

I don’t know what’s worse, feeling spiritually dry all the time, or just dry at one of the most important ‘Christian’ times of the year. It’s Good Friday, it’s Easter weekend – but if I’m being honest, my heart and mind are distracted. I feel busy… consumed by the flesh… separated from the presence of God… And yet so completely thirsty for Him. So desperate for His presence, for a heart understanding of what this weekend truly means.

So these words that Ann writes, they give me hope. Because maybe being spiritually dry isn't so horrible after all. And maybe it’s just my chance to dig a little deeper, and let the dry places become kindling for a new fire to burn within.

Because, Jesus? That’s what I want. That’s what I need – a new fire, a new song, a new commitment. I need a new hunger for You that isn't driven by circumstance, but is fueled by You alone. Jesus, I want a new fire that cannot burn out, that is fed by the swallowing of Your Word and the sweetness of Your presence.

So, that’s what I’m asking for. And I don’t know if I can really ask for anything more than what He already did on that Cross but if He thought I was worth fighting for then, I’m sure He still feels that way today. So Jesus, use me, please. Use the dry places, the broken pieces, the burnt out messes I have made of my heart and my soul – and make a new fire from them. A new fire that burns stronger and brighter, a fire that cannot be quenched by myself or anyone else… I only want You, Lord.


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