Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wrecking Balls... Grace... Sin... Love... God is Greater than My Highs and Lows.

In the same breath I'm hit by a wrecking ball of emotions, God allows belly laughter as my family does something crazy. When it feels like my heart is being squeezed and pulled and torn apart, He allows me the comfort of close friends and people who know how I feel.

When I'm convicted of my sin and can only think of all the kinds of sorry I am, He allows me to pray for Redemption, and gives me Hope that maybe it's not too late.

And on the days when my future seems uncertain and I can't remember my purpose, He reminds me of just one more place where I'm totally content, and have such peace in my soul.

This is the kind of Grace I live in... The kind of Grace that reminds me He is here, even when it seems I haven't felt Him close in months. It's a kind of Grace that sends me unexpected blessings just to remind me He cares, and He knows. It's the Grace that pulls me close when I have to make hard decisions, and tells me He'll be there through it all, catching every tear I cry as I break my own heart.

This is the kind of Love I live in, Love that doesn't just take away the fruit of my sin, but works on the root of it - the heart of the issue, so I don't make the same dead choices over and over again. This is Love that looks at me the same way always - no matter what I do or do not do. I live in the kind of Love that looks at me with Compassion, even when I'm the one making the decisions that hurt me.

And this Grace, this Love, is exactly where I want to stay. Because for everything I'm not, He is. Because where I am weak and always changing my mind, He is strong and never changes. When I walk away to do my own thing, He stays. And even when I'm disobedient to His Word and His Voice, He loves me anyway. He loves me back to life, and romances me back to His plan.

God is greater than my highs and lows.

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