Monday, 18 November 2013

The World Needs More Love Letters: Dear Heart-On-Your-Sleeve

Dear Heart-on-your-sleeve,

You’re not alone in feeling things deeply. I know they don’t get it. I know they just tell you to move on like it’s the easiest thing in the world. I know they don’t understand why you were so impacted by what seemed like such a casual thing to the rest of the world. But I want you to know – I get it.

I understand what it’s like to learn crazy life lessons from a chance encounter with a stranger. I understand what it’s like to sob for 2 days after someone you barely knew died. I understand what it’s like to fall deeply and quickly for someone, and have to figure out a way to move on while the rest of the world continues on like nothing has changed for you.

Don’t be ashamed of your heart, Beloved. Don’t be ashamed to learn from people who impact you for whatever reason. Don’t be afraid of loving deeply just because other people don’t get it. And – please, don’t be afraid of a broken heart – it just means you tried for something.

I’m not saying you should continuously throw your heart in the path of hurt – there is wisdom in guarding your heart – but I am saying you should never be ashamed of feeling life. You should never be ashamed of ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ so to speak.

It’s okay for you to feel the way you feel. Just know that feelings are not everything – they can lie sometimes. Always let your decisions be dictated by Truth – rather than just the fleeting emotion in the moment.

Beautiful – get out there and live life. Don’t be afraid of the messiness that comes with heart entanglements. Write the songs and the poems and the books and the blogs that come with the feelings. Learn your lessons and live your lessons – however you need to. Move on when you are ready to – when it’s right – not just when someone else tells you that you should. Don’t stop loving people – just learn to love them in the most appropriate way for the situation.

And never, ever apologise for being you. Never ever apologise for being brave enough to live life and feel life. Don’t apologise for loving people, even when no one understands why you do. Being a heart-on-your-sleeve also means being a brave – heart, for only the truly courageous can live like that and keep living like that. 

I’m proud of you, baby-cakes.

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