Friday, 22 November 2013

A simple Faith in a not-so-simple world

Life has been a little crazy lately. Not so much externally, for the entire world to see, but more internally, in the places that belong to me and God. My Faith, I guess you could say, has been challenged. I’ve been on this journey of learning why I believe what I believe, and how to hold to what I believe despite what I feel in certain moments. I've also been on a journey of learning to trust God through the madness, and realizing He has a plan regardless of what certain circumstances may look like. But in saying all that, I also need to say that is has not been an easy or pretty journey. There’s been too many tears, furious journal entries, and so, so many questions. And I just now feel like I’m beginning to understand what Faith really looks like.

We live in a complicated world – there is no denying that. When we live life with other people, when we live in relationship with others, things are bound to get messy, because hearts are not perfect. And so, though Faith is meant to be simple, this world, and our own perceptions can make it messy. 
So what hope do we have? I mean, how do we really keep a quiet simple Faith in a loud and complicated world?

1. Prayer – and I don’t just mean constantly telling God all the junk that’s in our hearts and minds. I mean talking to Him and listening to Him. Getting His view on life.

2. Reading the Word – and actually taking time to think about what it says and learning how to practically apply it. I like to write – so usually I choose a verse or two, and write what I learn from it, or my questions. But lately, I’m realizing sometimes it’s good to just read the Word and ponder it in my mind. In some ways, that feels more practical and tangible, something I can carry with me and think about.

3. Resting in God – taking a few minutes each day to breathe and remind myself of the Truth. Taking a few minutes to put down my phone, turn off the music, and just be myself with God – letting His Peace wash over me again.

I’m not saying this is the perfect formula to keeping a simple Faith. I don’t believe in formula’s for anything when it comes to God. But these are just ways that I’m learning keep me grounded, and keep my faith simple. The thing is, it’s not always going to be easy. There are going to be crazy seasons where we just get busy doing all that needs to be done, but I am realizing if we’re too busy for God, then something is wrong. Something needs to change.

Friends, there are going to be seasons in your life just like the one I’m in. There are going to be seasons when your Faith will be tested, and you wonder why you believe at all. There will be times when you haven’t felt God’s presence in so long, and you just don’t know why. But hold strong, Beloved. Keep doing what you know to do, keep praying, keep resting, keep reading the Word, and keep listening as best you can. You’ll never be too far gone for Him. There is no where you will go that He isn't able to find you and redeem you. He makes beauty out of ashes. He takes our messes and turns them into a beautiful message.

Breathe in and out. Don’t give up. You’re going to be okay, baby.

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