Monday, 25 November 2013

Running from God// Silence

I've never understood being afraid of silence. 

I mean, I've met people who tell me they never have silence in their lives, they’re always surrounded by people and things to do. My first reaction is to think I couldn't imagine anything worse – I seriously cherish my alone moments. But I understand it now. I’m going to be honest and admit something here – I’ve been running lately. I’ve been doing as much stuff as I possibly can in a day, and surrounding myself with people all so I don’t have time to think about what’s been going on.

Because I don’t want to hear the Truth. I don’t want to realize what I already know is coming. I don’t want to hear God say what I already know in my heart, because it means leaving behind people I don’t want to forget.

But I think we all do that sometimes. I think we’re all running from the Truth in one way or another. I think a lot of us don’t like silence because it makes us realise there are empty spaces in our lives. If we’re running from God, then we don’t like the silence because it’s in those moments He calls to us, and speaks to us. If we’re running from breakthrough, we don’t like the silence because it’s in those moments we realize the hard steps we have to take to get that breakthrough.

But what if those silence moments are what makes us who we are? 

What if sitting in silence is that thing we’ve been missing for so long?

This world is crazy. There are so many things to fill our minds each second, that we can almost get away with never being alone or bored. But what if the silence is what we were made for?

What if we are restless until we rest in God?

I’m not there yet, but I am learning to once again love the silence. I am learning once again the value of those silent moments. I’m learning not to be afraid of my God’s Voice, because He truly knows what’s best for me. And I want to tell you too – stop being afraid to just listen.

Stop being afraid of Truth. Stop running from God, and just take 5 minutes to hear what He has to say. He’s not out to hurt you. He will only ever do what’s best for you. And yes, sometimes the best turns out to be a seriously painful journey, but it’s worth it. Because without Him – what Hope is there? What meaning is there apart from Him?

The thing is - God has set eternity in our hearts. From the beginning, we were always made for Him. Everything else we do is secondary to that. Silence is never the enemy, friend. It may just be the bridge we need to walk to find the Answer.

p.s. Check out this awesome video by Audrey Assad.

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