Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lessons I learned from Peter Pan

Something scandalous happened this week... At 19 years of age, I watched Peter Pan for the FIRST time in my life. Don't ask me why I hadn't seen it before now, because I honestly don't know. What I do know is that I loved it! I was right there in it, dreaming and hoping, flying to Neverland. And throughout the movie, I learned many lessons... So, here they are.

  • Love builds a house around you when you cannot move. There is a scene in which the lost boys shoot Wendy, and she can't get up. Rather than try and carry her to their house, Peter insists they build a house around her. I love what this represents. That nothing is too much for love. That there is no effort love won't go to. That love will find a way, even if there seems to be no way. 
  • Love doesn't always work out the way you want it to. Here's the thing: Peter and Wendy are perfect together... And yet, the end of their story involves them being separated from one another. There is no doubt that what they shared was love, and yet, love didn't mean staying together for the rest of their lives. Love meant setting each other free to be the best both of them could be. That's what love is - wanting the highest good for another person and doing whatever you can to make that happen - even if it means letting go. 
  • There comes a time when some people can stay in your heart, but not your life. Again, Peter and Wendy went their separate ways. He went back to Neverland, and she went home to grow up and become who she was always supposed to be. But just because they weren't in each others lives anymore, didn't mean they weren't in each others hearts. It's okay to remember, Beloved. To have that place in your heart that only belongs to that person, even if they're not in your life anymore.
  • Growing up takes great courage. It's not always fun. It will, at times, feel like it's killing your dreams and limiting you. But who says you can't be a grown up dreamer? I know it's hard, especially when previous experience tells you those dreams won't work out, but keep that dreaming spirit. Maybe growing up means you can fly higher, and soar farther than you would have, had you stayed a child. 
  • 'To live would be an awfully big adventure.' Life, all of life, the exciting seasons, and the boring ones, are all a great big adventure. There are lessons to be learned, right now. There are things to experienced, right here. There is fun to be had, even now. 
  • When the Enemy cannot defeat us by physical attack, he will attack our mind. This is seen in the final fighting scene between Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Hook wasn't winning the physical fight, so he did the one thing he knew would work, and attacked Peter's mind. He told Peter that Wendy didn't love him, and that he wasn't good enough, and he would be all alone... And as he said those words, Peter believed him, and lost his ability to fly. The same thing happens to us with Satan. When sickness, loss, and physical attack cannot bring us down, satan will start to fill our minds with his lies. He will attack our identity, and try to stop us from flourishing. But the thing is, he doesn't have to win. Just like Wendy's kiss saved Peter, so does God's Presence and His Word in our lives save us. There is no room for satan to win if our minds are filled with God's Word, and all He says about us. Keep your mind strong, Beloved. Know your identity in Christ. 
So there we have it. The lessons I learned from watching Peter Pan. Perhaps the one other thing I got from this movie was this intense feeling of realizing love is worth everything. Love is worth pain. Love is worth a broken heart. Love is worth the difficulty of letting go. And truthfully, Love is fun. It's not always a walk in the park, but there are fun moments. Don't be afraid to enjoy it. Don't be afraid to laugh, to fly, to live the adventure. 

                                           We're chasing stars to lose our shadow
                                           Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
                                          So won't you fly with me? - Jonas Brothers, Fly With Me

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