Monday, 21 October 2013

Love Letters: Moving On

Last week I wrote about something called The World Needs More Love Letters. Today, I'm blogging one of the love letters I wrote. I still haven't hidden the original letter because I can't think where is best, but I know it contains a message that a lot of us need to hear. If this is you, if these words speak to you, then know I am praying for you. Moving on is not easy, and sometimes it seems downright impossible. But you're gonna get there, baby-cakes. I know you can do this. I love you. 

It's okay to move forward now, Beloved.

Now you've said all you need to say, and you've written your letters, you've cried your tears and sung your songs. It's okay to say good bye to the past and take a brave step forward into the future.
 It's okay to change the song when their old favorite comes on. It's okay to dream new dreams with new people instead of reliving old memories in hopes of finding something new. 
Don't look back, brave-heart, you're not going that way. The past holds nothing new for you. What you had was beautiful, and it was fun and it changed you for the better, but now it's time to let go. 
You've thought it through, you've imagined a million different versions of the same scenes in your mind, but the truth is, we can't change what once was. You can't change the past. But baby, you better believe you can change the future. 
Give yourself permission to let go. To take another step forward. Give yourself permission to delete the old text messages, erase their number, and throw out the random keepsakes. Give yourself permission to be happy without them. Give yourself permission to have fun and not think about what they're doing at that moment. You're allowed to live. You're allowed to laugh and smile and enjoy your life. You're allowed to move on. 
Now is your moment, bold one. Now is your time to let the past be the past. You're not defined by what happened. You're not defined by that person. You didn't lose anything you needed. You're not broken, Beloved. You may be bruised and bent all out of shape, but maybe you're just being molded into someone new. Into the best version of you that can be. You're complete, my love. Utterly, completely whole. They didn't change that. What happened was what needed to happen. 
You said everything you were supposed to say. You were exactly who you were supposed to be. And now, you can move on. You're allowed to love again. You are exactly who and what and where you are supposed to be, and you are lovely. 

Eyes forward, Brave-heart. The best is yet to come.

XOXO A friend 

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