Thursday, 26 September 2013

People of Prayer

I just read an article that left me so proud of my generation and hope filled of what's to come. See You at The Pole is an event held in schools across the world, where students gather together and pray for their schools, their classmates, the government, their families, and their nations. This year at least 2 million students are expected to participate.  How incredible is that?!

I am just blown away by the fact such a positive event is being held in schools, and students are responding and participating. We often hear in the media how bad this generation is, how crazy we are, and how it's just getting worse and worse. But honestly, maybe that's not the whole truth. Yes, there is a lot of darkness in this generation. There is a lot of suffering and evil, and bad things do happen. But there are also really great things. There are also many many young people who stand for what they believe in, and make good choices, and are actively part of being the solution to the problems they see.

If I could describe my generation I would call them crazy-passionate, courageous, bold, strong, resilient, and searching. Searching for Truth. Longing for change. Willing to play their part.

Maybe the biggest thing I take from reading about this event is the power of prayer. We are called to be people of prayer. Although praying for their schools might not seem like much to these students, God uses that. When we pray, our lives are changed. Our eyes are opened, and we can see from God's perspective. Although the situation may not change straightaway, we will.

Can I leave you with this challenge?

Pray. Today. About everything. About anything. Pray for your workplace. Your colleagues. Your school/ university. Pray for your family. Pray for that situation that feels hopeless. Pray for your church. Join with others to pray, praise, and take communion. There is power in prayer. And there is power in unity, in coming together and praying collectively for something or someone. Pray until your voice gives out. And know that God hears your prayers. And not only does He hear, He answers.

Friends, let's be people of prayer.

p.s. This event happens in Australia too!!! Check out

p.p.s. I had a different blog post for today but just had to write about this awesome event! So keep an eye out for 'Good vs. God' coming on Saturday!!

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