Wednesday, 19 December 2012

the walls and fronts we put up...

I have discovered something today... In light of bad news received about a dear family friend, I got angry. Angry at the disease she is facing, angry because so many others' I know have faced the same battle, and angry because I am tired of this happening to those I know and love. But when I started praying about it, I realised I am not angry at all. I am actually just broken, sad and worried. Anger is my way of covering up those emotions, it is my way of putting up a strong and invincible front. But my question is, why do I need to put up a front at all? Why can't I just be sad and worried and scared and broken? Too often I think we feel like we cannot show our weaknesses, we cannot show just how broken we are. But I wonder what would happen if more people did show how they are feeling? Would we all be happier and healthier in the long run because of it? I am willing to bet that we would indeed be better off. I am not talking about living like victims and letting our emotions control us, but I am saying that it is okay to let our scars show. We do not have to put up this front that is impenetrable, we do not have to act like everything is okay when inside we are really screaming out for help. Be real... give yourself the moments you need to have of just being broken and scared... Stop pretending with everyone, and just be you.

For those who have so many walls up you dont even know how to take them down, I encourage you to turn to Jesus. He is the Master of tearing down walls, and healing our brokenness. He gives us the wisdom to know who to trust with our pain, and the strength to be ourselves. Ultimately, Jesus is what makes us who we are, He enables us to be as real and transparent as we can be, and He always walks with us on that journey. Today, let your walls down a little. Let those who you can trust around you begin to see who you truly are. It is okay to be broken, we all are in one way or another. It is okay to be scared, life and the things we face can be seriously frightening at times. It is also okay to be sad... crying and sadness are not weaknesses, not in any way. They just go to show that you have loved someone, or something.
 Take down your walls and fronts today my friend.

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