Thursday, 29 November 2012

Anger, revenge, forgiveness, love

I've learned something this week, and those are just some of the things I've been battling with. Anger, at the people who made a decision for me that I dont feel was right... Revenge, basically, making life hell for them. and then, forgiveness, realising I can learn something from King David... I've been reading the book of 1 Samuel for awhile now, and I have been continually amazed at David's grace for Saul. Saul has loved him and taken him in, and then out of nowhere (so it seems), begun a relentless pursuit to kill David. Yet through it all, David has pursued God, looked to Him and followed where He was leading. Even in the very moment where God handed Saul over to David to be killed, the worst David did was cut a piece off Saul's robe. Then he chased Saul down and basically apologised for even doing that. David had something good going on, and I want in on it. He had learned that "God may avenge me, but it is in His hands, not mine..." (1 Samuel 24:13)  Are there people in your life that you're angry with? Is there a situation you're in that is almost demanding revenge from you? Freedom will not be found in revenge, this much I know. And as for that burning anger, turn it into something productive. Use that anger to get passionate about true injustice that breaks God's heart. Go for a run, cook something, use a punching bag. But do not let your anger control you and determine whether you are going to let God be the Judge or not. When all else fades, and we meet God in eternity, we will have to give an account of our lives, the way we lived, the way we loved, and the way we invited people Home. He doesn't want an account of all the ways we hurt people, and supposedly avenged our own situations. He wants to know that we have walked in love, that we have been kind to even those who have hurt us, and remembered that every single person is God's anointed and chosen, no matter what they have done. Today, forgive. Tomorrow, when someone hurts you, forgive them. Love them. Be Jesus' Hands and Feet to them. You have what it takes to love the way God has called us to - remember that. And finally, remember to forgive yourself.

"I think that if God forgives us, we must forgive ourselves.                                                           Otherwise,it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him." - C.S. Lewis

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