Thursday, 4 February 2016

Needing People

You are so strong, darling, and you know that. I know in times like this, in a season where you have been so, so hurt, you just want to use that strength so you dont need people.
I know you feel like you have a point to prove - a point that you're doing just fine by yourself and you dont need anybody to help you get through.

Baby, I know it hurts, but you need people. You were made for community. And not community in the sense of just being around a lot of people all of the time. Real, genuine community - people you can share your heart with - people you can mourn with and celebrate with. People who can build you and people you can build.

I know people have let you down. I know that lately needing people has been dangerous - because they've all left you in one way or another. Not everyone leaves, darling. Look for the ones who stay - not just in the physical sense of the word - but the ones who will stay present in your life, who will keep being there and being real even if they're half a world away.

Baby, you dont have to prove anything to anyone. You dont owe anyone an explanation for your life. You deserve to be genuinely happy - not to show them, but for you. For your sake.
Dont let the ones who didn't choose you, the ones who hurt you, who broke you, ruin good things for your future. What they did is on them, not you. You, my love, have just been given the opportunity to be brave.
You've been given the opportunity to take a deep breath, and start again. You've been handed the opportunity to build a life you'll love.
You've been given the chance to build a genuine community. Nothing makes you braver than trusting again, loving again.

Be strong, baby, but strong in all the right ways. You get to be happy - but happy for you, not to prove a point to 'them.'

You are worth it, love, so so worth it.

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