Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Beauty from Ashes

My darling,

I know you fell apart last week. I know it’s like your entire life just broke, and you had no idea how to pick up the pieces. I know it came from a place of having been too strong for too long. I know it came from a place of the enemy constant picking at your flaws and weakness. I know as much as you wanted to win that battle, you couldn’t in your own strength.

I want you to know that you never have to fight in your own strength. I know it’s hard to be vulnerable. I know it’s hard to admit that you need Me. I know it’s hard to admit that you need other people. But baby, you were made for community. You were made to love and be loved. I never wanted you to be some perfect person that never had any weaknesses. I never wanted you to fight the enemy in your own strength.

Baby, you are beautiful. Inside and out. I know the last months and years have been a constant battle to believe that. I know that every time you start to get good with yourself the enemy comes and tries to destroy that. I know that you have spent the last months and years trying to be strong, trying to pretend like things don’t get to you.

I know you spend a lot of your time being strong for other people. Carrying them in their pain, listening to their struggles, and feeling their emotions as much as they do. I know you have this belief that you love too much, you feel too much. I want to break that lie in you. The only reason you reached breaking point, baby, was because you did that in your own strength. I gave you that ability to love, to feel, to empathise. I didn’t give you that gift to destroy you, I gave you that gift that you might be My light to the world.

Turn to Me, My love. You’re allowed to need Me. When you feel for other people, when you’re carrying them in their pain, let Me carry you. Let Me fix their struggles. You don’t need to fix them, you don’t need to have all the answers. Come to Me with all your doubts and fears and struggles, and I will give you what you need to be there for them and love them. Then you wont break, but you’ll be completely alive, living and loving the way I made you to.

My precious, stop trying to convince yourself of your worth and your beauty, and instead, let Me shape your identity. Every time you doubt, every time you feel those same old fears and insecurities rising, run to Me and let Me tell you who you are again. I made you to be confident, and brave, and secure. Let Me give you those things, let Me make you confident and brave.

I know last week produced so many ashes, but see now the beauty I am creating. That’s what I do, I make beauty from ashes. Already you are starting to see the breakthrough and redemption, and I’m not even done yet. There is so much more I am doing. Thank you for being open to Me. Thank you for letting me take the mess and make a message. Thank you for crying out to Me in the middle of your pain. That’s all I ever want – to be there for you, to have your heart open to Me and My work. I love you with everything. I’m with you in the valleys, and I’m with you on the mountaintops. You can trust Me, baby, that I promise you. I’m right here for you, I’m your Safe place, Your hiding place. Don’t ever forget that I’m always right here waiting for you. You are not alone.

- God

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