Thursday, 17 July 2014

Things I learned in my teens

So, initially this post was meant to be ’20 things I learned in my teens’, in honour of my 20th birthday tomorrow. However, narrowing that down to 20 things was literally impossible. Even getting it down to this 35 was hard… However, this is a picture of my life, the things I have been through and just some of the lessons I have learned through it all. I pray this is an encouragement to you.

1. God always comes through - even in the worst and hardest circumstances
2. There is something beautiful about being confident - not arrogant confidence, but genuine 'I know who I am' confidence
3. It's okay to be single. We can't successfully be with someone til we know how to be with ourselves. It’s also okay to want someone. That wanting (and not needing) is very real, and completely okay.
4. Some guys are just not worth it... When someone plays with your heart, you need to be the one strong enough to just turn and walk away.
5. Never underestimate the importance of having a 'champion playlist.’ Including Kelly Clarkson on that list is also important – sometimes singing her songs at the top of your lungs is an essential part of emotional processing.
6. Life is short. Not in a 'yolo' sense but in a 'find out what's important and live it' way
7. It's okay to cry
8. It's more important to be healthy and eat rather than just be skinny. Having hips is a good thing!
9. Family is important. Cherish them. Be present in the moments. They won't always be with you every day.
10. Writing letters to your future husband is important. Although slightly weird, someday he'll read them and know your heart was always his. & Praying for your future children is always a good thing. In this ever-crazier world, they, and you will need those prayers.
11. Being brave is always worth it
12. It's more important to be kind than right. People deserve kindness - no matter who they are.And those who deserve love the least are usually those who need it the most.
13. How you treat someone who has hurt you is ultimately a sign of your character.
14. Know the 'why behind the what' of your convictions and stick to them, even if everyone else around you doesn't get it. 
15. The truth will always come out. Sometimes we just need to be still and wait.
16. Christ is enough. Your relationship with Him is more important than anything - dont neglect it. He is enough, in grief and sorrow, in joy, in heartbreak... He is always and ever enough.
17. Heartbreak doesn't last forever. Falling in love is okay - and getting your heart broken - can be a good thing. It does end. There is Hope in the midst of it.
18. Who you hang around is who you become. Choose wisely.
19. You're worth everything. Don't settle for less than you deserve.
20. There are 3 rules for a first date: the girl should wear a dress so she can come home & spin around whilst listening to T-Swift. The guy should always pay. And those nerves you get beforehand? They're meant to be there. You're meant to be every kind of excited and nervous.
21. The world always needs more love letters. Writing them and hiding them in public places on Valentine's Day is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.
22. Getting involved in godly but real church community is the best ever thing you can do. It will be hard & awkward - and potentially have some drama-filled moments, but relationship is worth it.
23. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. The best antidote for depression is holding onto God's word.
24. Goodbyes are awful. Just accept that.
25. Death is hard. Cancer is a relentless disease that is no respecter of people's lives and circumstances. But somehow, through it all, God is still good. & it’s okay to be mad at God and tell Him that you're mad.
26. We're not going to get all the answers in this life. Sometimes knowing the Who is more important than knowing the Why.
27. Babies are cute. Hold as many newborns as you can - there's something precious in those moments.
28. Doctors will not always have all the answers. Sometimes you just need to take it to God and trust Him to bring healing, reveal the answers, or carry you through it.
29. Your words have way more power than you realize - always use them to uplift and encourage. People don't need one more person telling them why they can't do something, or tearing them down. Speak life.
30. Sometimes it's more important to be present and listen rather than having all the right words to speak.
31. Everything changes. God never does.
32. A sense of humour is essential to life. As are Dr. Seuss’ books – no, you’re never too old to read Dr. Seuss.
33. God answers prayers.
34. Arguing in the right context with the right people is very fun.
35.  Spontaneous adventures should always be a part of this life. 

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