Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dear World-Changer

Dear World-Changer,

I met you the other day and I haven’t been the same since. It wasn't that you did anything major. But you were unapologetically yourself and that changed me. That gave me Hope. Because although you don’t have every detail of your life figured out, you have your identity figured out. You know Whose you are, and that matters way more than any career path or job choice.

Your kindness influenced me. The fact you smiled, asked me questions and stayed engaged in the conversation meant a lot – because by those actions alone, you told me I mattered. I think that’s why you’re a world changer. You may never become a world famous person – known by everyone. But changing lives one by one will always have a far bigger influence than a celebrity kingdom. Teaching people that they matter, whether by your words or actions, will always be more important than fame.

World-Changer, I don’t think you are the one everyone expects. When we think about world-changers, we think about people who do some big and significant thing for everyone to see. I realize now that although that stuff matters too, the true world-changers are the ones who don’t necessarily know everything they’re going to do, but do a lot of different things with their whole heart. The world-changers are the ones who live, love, and laugh freely – they’re the free spirits who are not ashamed of who they are.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching me the importance of kindness. Thank you for teaching me that changing the world is as simple as changing ONE person’s world. Whether you realize this or not, you are leaving a legacy behind – a legacy of grateful people whose world is different because you were in it. I’m writing this letter because you need to know that – you need to know that you are a world changer. You need to know that what you are doing, matters greatly. Who you are has worth simply because you are yourself.

Your beautiful heart is the same heart I hope to have.

Forever Grateful - 
A friend xoxo

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