Saturday, 28 December 2013

A New Year

Hey baby,

Your life is worth living – I just thought you should know.

I don’t know what this year has been like for you. Maybe it’s been the best year, or maybe you’re just amazed that you’re even still alive.

I know that as the year comes to a close, it’s easy to think you haven’t accomplished anything. It’s easy to feel like you’ve wasted time. I know what it’s like to wonder why nothing has changed, and why every single door you try to open is slammed in your face.

But don’t give up yet, please. There’s a reason you’re still breathing. There’s a reason why you went through all that stuff this year, and I can’t help but think maybe the best is yet to come.

What if that stuff was just making you into all that you are meant to be?

What if next year turns out to be the greatest year of your life?

Life is painful, yes. It doesn’t always go the way we hope or plan or dream. But it is worth living. You are worth everything.

Fight for yourself, baby-cakes. Fight and don’t give in. Stand your ground.
 Live, Love, Forgive, Laugh. 
Be you – because you are wonderful.

On January 1st, wake up and celebrate that it’s a new year, a new beginning and a whole new season for you. 2014 is your year. Whether outward circumstances change, or internally you become all you were meant to be – life is worth it. 
2014 is worth it.

And remember, this too shall pass. Nothing stays the same forever. Before you know it, 2015 will be here – so don’t forget to live in the present. Don’t miss the year ahead because you’re stuck looking back at this year wondering how on earth things got so bad.

I love you.

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