Friday, 29 November 2013

More Love Letters: Dear Rescuer.

Dear Rescuer,

I want to start by saying I know how you feel. I know what it’s like struggling to see people as they truly are because you see them for all they can be. There is both beauty and pain that comes with this gift.

The beauty is that you see all that people can be, and that gives you hope and the ability to continuously pray for them.

The pain is that sometimes you’ll allow people into your life who will only hurt you because you don’t see them as they are right now.

Here’s what I have learned – with a rescuing gift like ours – we need to pray all.the.time. We need to allow God to move people in and out of our life as He chooses – because He knows what’s best. We need to learn that we can’t fix people either. And yes, I know that’s hard to hear and even harder to believe.

But, Rescuer? You can’t fix anyone.

I’m not saying that to crush your dreams and feel low about yourself –I’m telling you that so you can finally breathe again. It’s not your responsibility to fix a person – no matter what their problem. It’s not your responsibility to heal someone – no matter how broken.

And the really hard Truth – you can’t fix all your wrongs either. Those words you said that you would give anything to take back – can’t be unspoken. Yes, you can take responsibility and even attempt to apologise – but nothing changes the fact that they were said, and nothing changes the hurt they caused at the time. And sometimes –you can’t even apologise if the other person doesn’t want to hear it.

So where does that leave you with your beautiful, complicated gift?

It leaves you relying on the Gift- Giver. Because He is the ultimate Restorer and Redeemer. He can heal broken hearts. He can be the Answer and give the answers to the problems people face. He can take away the sting of our words and redeem the time for us – but, we have to surrender it to Him.

 It’s not that He can’t do something if we’re still holding on – it’s just His work will possibly be quicker and easier on us if we just let it go. Sometimes it’s hard for Him to work on our heart when we’re still holding as tightly as we can to the broken pieces of a situation or a person.

One more thing, Rescuer. Only you know how much your heart can take

Sometimes, you just need to give your heart a break, and stay away from the things that are only hurting you. You are strong, but you’re also breakable – and you are worth caring about. I know as the ‘fixer’ you don’t often let people take care of you – but sometimes you just need to accept that love. You are worth being cared for. 

You are deserving of people who celebrate you, and look after you, who love on you and encourage you. So pay attention – not only to everyone else and their pain, but your own heart, and what you’re going through. Focus on you sometimes – as hard as that is – just do something you love, that’s just for you. 

And remember – you know what you can handle. Don’t be afraid to admit when you cant handle something, and don’t be afraid to stay even when everyone else thinks you should leave. You have what you need, Beloved, you have strength and wisdom, and you have the tool of surrender to Jesus – the Ultimate Rescuer.

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