Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lessons from my week

I know I've neglected the blog this week - unfortunately, I've been sick and had a whole bunch of university work to finish.... So today, I thought I'd try something a little different. My brain has been working overtime, and I have a whole bunch of thoughts to share... So it's going to be random, and most of it will all be completely unrelated, but it will all be what I have learned/ and am currently learning.

*Moving on is a choice. It's a choice I don't want to make but I have to. I can stay where I am, desperately clinging to brokenness or I can purposely slam the door, deadbolt it shut, turn my back and hand the keys to Jesus. I'll praise Him in the hallway until I know what's next, but I refuse to cling to what will be my past. This will never be an easy choice, and it will not be my favorite choice... But Jesus is present, and somehow, that will be enough. I 'have nothing if not belief.'

*How we treat someone who has hurt us is ultimately a sign of our character. If we're avoiding, ignoring, or treating someone badly just because they hurt us, it is a sign that there is a deeper issue in our life that needs to be looked at. I'm not saying we need to be push overs, and just let people walk all over us... But the way we treat people should never be dependent on the way they treated/ treat us.

*Green Tea is GROSS! I made my 3rd attempt for the year to drink and couldn't get past the second sip. I know there are so many health benefits (which is why I tried it), but it's just not worth it. I think I'll stick with coffee :)

*There is power in community. This week marked 3 years since my niece was stillborn. As I looked back on that time in my life, I realized that the main reason I got through (other than God's presence) was the people surrounding me. There were people who held me as I cried, who prayed for me, who bought me flowers, who came to the funeral and allowed me to just be what I needed to be at that time. They showed me the love of Jesus practically, and I am forever grateful to them. (I hope they know who they are!!).

*The why behind the what. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about why I choose to wait for sex until marriage. Since then, I've continuously been realizing the absolute importance of knowing the why behind the what... Not just with that conviction, but with all my convictions. We've gotta know why we're doing what we're doing... I've also come to realize that a conviction in and of itself will never be enough... A conviction is necessary, but so is God's power at work within us... We need Him, His Presence, His Spirit teaching us, speaking to us, guiding us toward Truth.

*Always believe the best in people. This one is tricky, especially when the facts point to an ugly Truth. But unless we really have to see that truth, just focus on the positives. Look for the best in people and choose to focus on that.

*Facts are not everything, Truth is all that matters. I know we treat facts like the God-given truth, but that is not always the case. Sometimes we just need to surrender the 'facts' we 'know' and ask God to teach us the Truth all over again. Ultimately, His Truth is the only thing that matters, the only thing that will last anyway.

So friends, that has been my week so far... I've pondered many different things, shed A LOT of tears, and ultimately - grown stronger. This probably won't be remembered as my favorite week, or my favorite season - but I'm sure it will all be worth it. Lessons learned!

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