Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The words I would say: An Open Letter to Singles

Dear Beloved,

It's okay to be single.
It's okay to live your single season happy and with purpose. It's okay to be content right where you are. It's okay to be friends with members of the opposite sex. Not every person you meet has to be a 'potential.'
It's okay to be yourself. It's okay to be happy with where you are in life. It's okay to live your dreams whilst you're single. It's okay not to be desperate.

I know this goes against popular belief. I know that the Church likes to put pressure on singles to find someone. I know there are a million and one songs, movies, books, blogs, articles and tweets about Christian relationships, how they should and shouldn't be done. All those resources are fantastic - as long as you know who you are and what you stand for in relationships.

I know the world also likes to put pressure on you, by telling you that being lonely is evil, and being single is an excuse to hook up with anyone and everyone. I know the world likes to tell you that being single on Valentine's Day or around Christmas/New Years should make you depressed and sad and lonely... But really, since when has your goal been to do what today's society tells you to?

Why does being single mean you have to be in desperate want of your 'other half?'
What if there is no 'other half' for you - and you are complete just as you are? What if, when you do meet someone, they simply complement you, and just add a little more to your life?

It's not wrong to want someone, but it's also not to wrong to be happy with your life. It's okay to flourish where you are. It's okay to be confident in yourself - even if you don't have that person telling you how great you look.

Singleness is not a blessing or a curse, it's not a disease or an identity - it's simply the season God has you in. And Beloved, He is not holding anything good back from you right now. Where you are - is exactly where you are meant to be. When a relationship is a good thing for you - it will happen. But right here, in this moment, you have everything He has given you. And anything you dont have - wouldn't be a good thing right now.

Cling to His Promises. Remember that His Grace is sufficient for you. Remember that when temptation comes - temptation to settle, to compromise, to let go of your convictions - He will make a way for you to get through. Remember that He is not holding anything good back from you. Remember that His heart is for you. He has only the best plans for you. He has never left you. You can be content where you are. Nothing separates you from His Love. And Child, remember - it's okay to dream. Someday, God-willing, your day will come... But until then, you have permission to be you. And you have permission to be happy.
Daughter, you are cherished and valued beyond what you can imagine. Son, you are loved, and you are strong, beyond what you believe.

Don't give up.

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