Friday, 5 July 2013

What are you for?

Because I have learned so much this week from Hillsong Conference, there is probably going to be an overload of blogs coming your way this week - forgive me.

Craig Groeschel made a great statement in his first message. He said that we need to 'build our ministry on what we are for, not what we are against.'
I've heard this before, but it really started to sink in this week.

What are you for? What are you building your ministry on - all the things you hate - or all the things you support?

I've been thinking about what I am for, and I've come to realize, that ultimately, I am for people.
I am for people having Hope. I am for people finding Jesus. I am for life - life in abundance. I'm for life however He makes it happen, it's not up to us to begin or end a life.
I am for the Church - the Church who loves unconditionally, who feeds the hungry and cares for the orphan. I am for Christians living their lives in all purity. I am for those who are living our calling to be His Hands and Feet.
I am for freedom - freedom from strongholds and forgiveness by God from all our sins.

I don't yet know the exact details of what my ministry will be, but I know what I'm building it on. I'm building on Christ as the Cornerstone and the Head, and every word He says is Truth.
I will not build a ministry on hate, or all the things I stand against - I will build on what I stand for.

This doesn't mean I won't ever take a stand against something I know is wrong. It just means my focus is on what I support - what I can help grow.

I wanna ask you - what is your ministry built on? Are you constantly fighting the things you stand against? Or are you supporting the things you stand for?

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