Thursday, 4 July 2013

the forefront of creativity

I've spent this past week watching every part of Hillsong conference that has been live streamed.... I have A LOT of thoughts swirling around my head and have taken wayyy too many notes. But I just had to get this thought out there now.
Craig Groeschel spoke an incredible message this morning about creating a culture of innovation in our churches. What I loved was his reminder that a few hundred years ago - the church was at the forefront of creativity. It was the Church who was leading the way in music and the arts. It was the Church who had creative influence and used it well. But somewhere between now and then, we've let it go.

This should not be the case.
We, as the Church, must return to the forefront of creativity. We, as the Church, need to be the ones creating movies, music, art, dance and so forth.

This is why I love the spoken word movement. I love seeing guys like Jefferson Bethke and Nick Vitellaro taking back creativity for the Church. I love P4CM's organisation, where they claim back spoken word as something that can be used for Christ. I love seeing local rap artists, such as D4C claim back creative ground for Jesus.

Because, and this was the point of Craig's message - this is not a game we're in.
This life, is for real. The people we influence, have an eternal destiny. We have to reach people for Christ.
And a major way to do that, is through creativity. Every second, people are filling their minds with something. Whether that be music, social media, movies, TV, artwork, dance, books, quotes etc.... the question is, what is the content of those things? Is it reaching people for Christ, or is it empty filler, teaching them they dont need anyone or anything, and they can live however they want and somehow, it's just never going to end?

Life is real. Heaven is real. Hell is real. and this, this is not a game.

“I see the church being the forefront of creativity, 
the forefront of design, the forefront of music, 
that is the place where we need to be, where we belong.”   
- Ian Locke - Hillsong College Student

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