Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Miracles... Healing... Holy Spirit... The Book of Acts....

Studying the Book of Acts is honestly turning my theology on its head.... Jesus is completely wrecking me - and showing me a side of Him I never knew before. But it's also left me with a question:

Why aren't we seeing the same miracles today that the disciples saw?

It's not like God has lost any power since then... It's not like He cant be bothered healing people. So why isn't it happening? Why aren't deaf people hearing, and blind people seeing, and dying people receiving life? Why aren't those in wheelchairs walking, and why aren't those bound by mental illness finding freedom?

If I can be real for a minute, I just wanna say that healing is a sensitive topic in my life. I have seen people die from cancer despite the whole church praying and believing for healing... I have seen people, including myself, suffer from illnesses that have no cure - and God hasn't healed. So I know that this is a touchy subject for a lot of you. 

But this leads me back to my question - why aren't we seeing healing? why aren't we seeing miracles? 

I would love to say I have the answers, but honestly, I dont. And I'm not sure I ever will. The best I've got right now is along the lines of what a friend said to me last night:

We've let the fire go out. 

See, when the disciples gathered together and prayed, Holy Spirit came upon them. And when Holy Spirit arrived, it was like fire. Fire that spread from their hearts to their souls, right to their mouths. And they opened their mouth, and His language came out. And from there, they went and prayed for people. 

Maybe this is where we go wrong - maybe we have our Holy Spirit moments in church, and then we let it die out, and we go back to life. Maybe our life is meant to constantly be filled with God, His Word, and His Presence. Maybe we're supposed to let go of our pride, maybe we're supposed to stop making life about ourselves - and simply go wherever He tells us to.

Maybe Craig Groeschel was right when he said that in order to be spiritual leaders, we have to pay attention to 'deo ho numa' moments... We have to listen for God's prompting and obey. We have to be filled with the fire, prompted by the spirit, and then go. Pray. 

Coz then, just maybe, we'd start to see healings happen. Maybe we'd start to see miracles happen. 

But who knows - I'm still processing this all myself. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic :) :)

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