Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

To a Light of God,

Stand strong in Him.
I can only imagine how it feels when lights are flashing and girls are screaming your name, and lies are spread through papers everyday, and words are fanned into flames that cant be put out and why is it so hard to live right anyway? I can only imagine how it feels to going from being poor and raised in a small town, to having more than you know what to do with, and just trying to deal with the pressures of growing up. I can only imagine how it feels to have the whole world forget you are only 19, and expect so much of you, that when you fall, they do too. I'm sure you never planned to be anyone's idol, and I know you know that anyone put on that pedestal will fall.
And I want you to know, it's okay to break. When things go wrong, you're allowed to cry. You're allowed to make mistakes, because we all do. And I wish the rest of the world realized that you're trying. And I don't know how to say all this without sounding stupid, but I pray for you. Because I believe God has a plan for you. Because I know how hard it is to stand strong when everything else is crumbling down. I know how it feels to know the right thing, but to be so tempted by the wrong thing we just get pulled down. I know how it feels to just be trying to find our own way, and I can't imagine how hard it is to not just have the freedom to do that.
 But here's what He wants you to know. It's okay to close your eyes and turn away from the temptation. It's okay to do the right thing even when it feels wrong or hard. It's okay to step away from the crowd and become a leader - but watch how you're leading. There is an entire generation who idolizes you - and your job - is to point them to the only Acceptable Idol. You're not perfect - so stop expecting yourself to be. Allow your heart to suffer and break when it needs to.
 Don't forget that this is real life.
Relationship break ups hurt - give yourself time to heal. Know that where you are is the best place you could be - because it is where He has put you. Know that those secret dreams in your heart that no one else knows - are known by Him. And He is well able to make them happen. Know that in all your craziness, He is your normal. He is your steady, constant, unchanging, who will never let you down.
 Surround yourself with the right people, people who not only speak Hope into your future, but speak God into your life.
 The responsibility you're carrying will only ever be fulfilled by Him.
Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and know that every day is a new day. Every day you have another chance to shine His Light and show His Love.
Remember to be still.
He is God - you are not.
He is the message -you are the messenger.
You don't have to be perfect - just be you.
Find who you are in Him.
When the temptation to do what you know is wrong grows too strong - get down on your knees in surrender. Because being on your knees is the only way to win the war. It's the only way you'll ever stand.
Stop trying to hold all the broken fragmented pieces together, and just let them all go.
 Be careless in the care of God.
Don't forget how loved you are. You are not in the drivers seat - He is. Rest in Him....
And know that you - just as you are - are enough.
Stay Strong.

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