Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Adoption thoughts...

Since I was young, my passion has been for orphans and adoption. As I've gotten older, my passion has not faded, but instead, has become a whole lot stronger. I am beyond frustrated with the adoption system in Australia. According to research, every 2.2 SECONDS an orphan ages out of their orphanage with no where else to go. 60% of these girls become prostitutes, and 70% of the boys become criminals. But despite the increasing number of orphans in the world, adoptions from Australia are at an all time low. The process is expensive, slow, and often impossible for many people. So, I am determined, I will not be silent any longer. We need a new system, we need people who actually care to be running adoption agencies. It is my goal to see the laws regarding adoption in Australia changed. It is my absolute dream to see adoption privatised, and I would love to one day open a Christian adoption agency. Unfortunately, that dream may not happen for awhile. So for right now, I want to leave you with the challenge to pray. Pray earnestly for orphans all over the world who are in need of a loving home. Pray God's peace and protection over them, and pray that someone somewhere will open up their hearts and their homes to adopt a child. The other thing you can practically do is become informed about the adoption process here in Australia, and see if there is any way you can bring change. This could be by writing into your local newspaper, talking to friends and family about this problem, or educating the next generation. You could get in contact with adoption agencies overseas, and see if they have any ideas or tips on how to become involved and be the change. If every 2.2 seconds an  orphan loses their place to live, then how many lives are going to be wasted before things change? The time to speak is now!

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