Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dear Guy With No Shirt On (Why Guys Should Be Modest Too)

Dear Guy With No Shirt On,

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on modesty and purity – that was mostly geared towards us girls. But over the last couple of months a new topic has come up amongst my friends and me.

Given that it’s summertime – we’ve been to a few summer camps and pool parties and beach days. In the middle of this – the topic of modesty for guys came up. I guess for me it started with just realising I was probably looking at you - the guy with no shirt on - longer than necessary. It didn’t take long for me to find out I wasn’t the only girl struggling with this.

Modesty is so often always talked about for girls, and we’re so often told we need to cover up – and yet, no one ever tells you guys to put your shirts back on.

I know this is probably news for you – but we girls are not immune to physical temptation and lust. We may not struggle as much or as openly as you – but it’s there. We as females are, for the most part, attracted to the male body. We’ll notice if you’re good looking (and usually giggle about it).

I’m not telling you that you should never take your shirt off (although really, it’s not that necessary). I’m not telling you to never wear skinny jeans (although you should probably watch how tight they are). But I want you to think about the heart behind modesty.

Modesty comes from a place of humility. It’s not about hating yourself or your body – it’s just about not making it all about you. It’s about not flaunting yourself – no matter what you look like. Humility starts on the inside but it will always be reflected on the outside in your attitude, in the way you carry yourself, and in the way you dress.

There’s nothing wrong with dressing well, and we’ll notice you’re attractive either way. But in the same way you ask us to help you out with dressing modestly – we want to ask you to do the same. We’re all individually responsible for our minds and each need to practice self-control, but we’re all going to make life easier for each other if we’re being modest. It’s just a respect thing, ya know. We want to respect you, so often we’ll try to do so by dressing in a way that isn’t all about our bodies. But we need that same respect from you.

I know you’re not always going to get it right. We girls often don’t get it right either. But to have all of us actually thinking about it, to have all of us making it a goal to respect each other in this way would be a huge blessing.

You might look good with no shirt on – but please, go put it back on. Choose jeans that aren’t so tight. Wear shirts that aren’t all about highlighting your arms and your abs and your hip bones. Us girls are human, baby – we notice all those things. So do us a favour – choose modesty.


Every Christian Girl On The Face of Planet Earth

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