Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The words I would say: An open letter to Demi Lovato

In a world currently obsessed with Miley Cyrus, I wanted to talk about something different. When I recently found out that Demi Lovato is playing a lesbian woman on Glee, I was shocked.... Not because I thought Demi was perfect, and not because I idolized her.... More because she is a self-confessed Christian who is very open about her Faith. So, I decided to write this letter. Not because I think she'll ever see it (although we never know what God can do), but because there are important truths for all of us (including myself) to learn from this.

Dear Demi,

I know what it's like trying to stand for God's Truth in a deceitful world. I know what it's like finding the balance between having Faith in Jesus, whilst learning to cope with mental disorders. I know how it feels to be a Christian, and yet still feel the pressure to conform to this world.
But the thing is, Christ made a way for us.
I know it's not popular to stay true to what His Word says when almost everyone around us (including Christians) are following the crowd, but maybe we're called to be the exception. Maybe we weren't made to stay silent. And maybe we weren't made to use our voice to speak and live the world's views.
 Maybe we were made to use our voice and live our lives for His Glory, as an example to all. Standing out is hard, but fitting in is harder. One compromise leads to another, until nothing about our lives reflects Jesus anymore. Don't get me wrong, Jesus loves us regardless of whether we ever do anything for Him or not - it's not about that. It's more about the fact that God has given us these gifts and talents, and a platform to be light in a dark world. But there's no light in conforming to darkness. There's no joy in being deceived.
I believe we all have what it takes to live the way God intended. I believe His Word contains all the Truth we need to live by. I believe His presence is enough to sustain us in the face of temptation, and I believe His Grace is enough to hold us together.
Demi, run to win. Don't measure your success by the world's praise, measure it by bringing Him glory. Dont worry about the breadth of your platform, concern yourself with the depth of it. Use your voice to proclaim His Word, and shine a light in the dark places.

And Demi, dont give up. Stay strong IN Him.

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