Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The words I would say

I thought I would try something different on the blog today... Recently, I wrote a letter to a friend of mine saying everything I actually couldn't say out loud. Looking back over it, I realized there are a lot of truths that could encourage a lot of people, so I have decided to blog the letter (obviously without revealing names or details). I trust that whoever God wants to read it, will read it, and as they do, His Spirit can change whoever's heart He wants to. It's not my job to save, rescue, or change someone, it's my job to encourage and let Jesus speak through me.

Friend, I want you to know God. Really, truly know Him.
I want you to know that it's okay not to have all the answers, you can believe anyway. I wish you could let go of your pride long enough to surrender. I wish you would stop listening to the wrong influences and start listening to the right ones. I wish you would stop seeking your identity and purpose in the world, and start finding it in God. I wish you would open your eyes and see how loved you are.
It's okay to be different. You dont have to be like this world. You can stand out in Him, for Him.
 You can use your God-given gifts and talents the way He intended.
You dont have to keep hiding. There are people you can talk to about anything. You can trust people. You can take courage and be all that You want to be. You dont have to keep running from your past, or keep working to make up for it.
You're already forgiven. You can be free from your addictions. You can stop struggling and striving, and just rest in Him.
He knows you completely. You dont have to be anything for Him - He just wants you. There is no peer pressure in God.
Friend, 'your past is your past. We all make mistakes. But your purity can start now.'

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