Monday, 26 August 2013

Speak Life

Recently, in thinking about living a generous life, I've been thinking about the power of our words. Sometimes the best way we can be generous is by being kind to others with our words and our actions. Sometimes, the best way to help someone is by speaking life into them.

The video above is from BlimeyCow, released awhile ago. It gives a pretty good insight into the way we can encourage people, the things we can say to speak life into them. Check it out :)

In saying this, I've noticed it's equally important to make sure our actions speak life into people as well. It's one thing to tell people they are important and have worth, and it's another to show them that. It is my prayer that I would always be speaking life into people, and always be showing them they are important and smart and valued.

Some of my favorite things to say in encouragement to people are:

You are lovely.
You are amazing.
You make this earth shine brighter.
I am grateful for you.
I love you.
I am proud of you.
I am thinking of you.
You are worth everything.
You are stronger than you know.
It's an honor to know you.
God is working through you.
God has great plans for you.
I respect you and value your opinion.
You are beautiful.
You are enough.
The best is yet to come in your life.
Dont give up.

And some of my favorite ways to show people all of this is by:
Being on time when we hang out - this shows that I value and respect their time.
Thanking them for talking and listening.
Sending a random text just to say one of the above things.
Writing a note, email, or fb message....
Helping however I can (cooking for them, buying them a gift, helping them with something they're doing).
Taking time to listen to them, and hang out with them.

I just think that in this world, there are enough things and people telling us we cant do something, and we're not enough, and we're not pretty and so forth... So if I can use my words to help someone love themselves for even a few minutes, I will. I dont want to be a person who brings death and destruction and hopelessness through my words. I want to be a person who brings life and hope and restoration through what I say and do.

There are so many Scriptures that talk about the power of words, so I'll just list a few.
The tongue can bring death or life. - Proverbs 18:21

Dont let even one rotten word seep out of your mouths. Instead, offer only fresh words that build others up when they need it most. That way your good words will communicate grace to those who hear them. - Ephesians 4:29

Thoughtless words cut deeply like a thrusting sword, but the speech of the wise is a healing balm. - Proverbs 12:18

And on and on they go... Seriously, google 'what Scripture says about words' - the results are endless.

So on that note: I love you. I am proud of you. I am so honored to know you. I value your input. I am so thankful for you. I think that you are stronger than you realize. I know that you are enough, have enough, and do enough. This world would be less if you weren't in it. You're here for a reason. God has amazing plans for you. Dont give up. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. Keep praying.

p.s. What are your favorite ways to encourage people? Who can you randomly encourage with your words this week? What situation can you speak life into?

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