Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my purpose (to love orphans) (and a few song recommendations)

A song that always brings tears to my eyes, but is always worth listening to:
Steven Curtis Chapman - When love takes you in 
The first time I ever heard this song is also the same day I saw my dad cry for the first time. Rewind to 7 years ago... We're in America at an adoption conference. My parents are in the process of trying to figure out how they can adopt a child when we're Australians, and the adoption process here is extremely difficult, and generally, impossible. We're hearing story after story, then we're watching the Chapman's adoption story, and at the end this song was played. I was 12 at the time, and had no idea my life was going to change from that day forward. I hear this song now, and it's like flashbacks and future vision all at the same time - remembering that day, remembering hugging Slovak orphans, and taking them chocolate Easter bunnies the day before Easter a couple of years later. I'm remembering the days as my passion for orphans began to build, and the countless hours I've spent crying, praying, writing, talking and hoping since then. And wrapped up in all of that is my vision for the future, an Australia where adoption is possible, where families are bringing home children from overseas, and showing them what love really is. My vision, where laying rooms and mental institutions for kids dont exist, when unmarked orphan graves have a name and a face, and orphans aren't dying from malnutrition and a lack of love. I've got a vision for the future where I have a house full of kids, from different places and different backgrounds, who are learning they have a family in which they are loved, and a God Who loves them even more. And all this, leads me to the next song:
Barlow Girl - A Million Voices
Truthfully, I dont know yet how this vision of mine is going to happen. All I have is this fire in my heart and a knowing that if I dont speak, if I dont act, then who will? I don't know what the future holds, but I know this. I won't be silent. And I know there are others around the world who wont be silent. We've gotta be a million voices strong, and getting stronger still. Our voices have to be heard so that orphans voices can be heard. If we don't advocate for them - then who will?
I don't know how it's all going to play out, but I believe in a God Who is bigger than any government. I believe in a God Who remains even when the prime minister changes. I believe in a God Who is consistent in His plans and His Heart, and won't forsake us ever. I believe in a God Whose heart is for this - is for orphans, is for those who dont yet know Love, is for those who cant speak for themselves. I believe in Him, and I believe that He has plans that no one can come against and prosper.

Ponder it today - what's your vision? what's your passion? Let Love be your highest goal... and don't forget to speak about what you believe in. Speaking and action go hand in hand. Keep breaking silence. and keep getting stronger. You have what it takes.

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