Saturday, 13 April 2013

My version of Psalm 51

Lord, show me Your mercy, because of Your unfailing Love, get rid of my sins. I know You're compassionate, so Jesus, forgive me of the times of injustice in my life. 
Wash my record clean. I've been convicted and I can see my sin right in front of me, I've read Your words and forgotten to live them. 
You have every right to judge me because I have sinned even since birth. Sin may have been ingrained in me, but You've also been with me forever, teaching me faithfulness and giving me wisdom.
 Jesus, wash me however You please, and I will be made clean. If You wash me, I will be blameless before You. My record was red, but now it will be white, as white as the snow.
 My bones have been dry, broken and bent, but breathe life into them, causing them to sing Your Praises and come back to life. 
Close Your Eyes to the wrongs I have done, turn away from my sins and wash away my injustices. Bring my heart back to life, let it beat in all purity, renew my spirit til it's sweet and peaceful in You. Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit and stay close to  me always. 
Remind me of the joy that is found in salvation, and Jesus, teach my spirit to be willing to do Your will.
 Your will is what sustains me. Lord, I will remember how You've saved me, and tell others of Your heart, so that they can know there is freedom from their sin. 
Jesus, I'm filled with the guilt of what I've done, but You are my God, and You fill me with Your Love so I can sing Your praises.
 Speak through me Lord, remind me that sacrifice isn't what You want, You just want me.
 I'm broken in every way, but I'm Yours Lord. - Psalm 51

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