Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Barefoot and weeping

...While David went up the Mount of Olives weeping, head covered but barefooted.... 2 Samuel 15:30

I read this today and was just stuck on this thought.... weeping, but barefooted.
Such a small detail but something that has carved a place in my mind and wont let me go. Though David was weeping, he knew who his Savior was, and what his God required of him. He knew that being barefoot indicated he was walking on holy ground, he was walking into a place of the Lord's presence.
He knew that walking barefoot showed an intimacy with God, a comfort level and a wanting to go deeper. He knew that though he was broken, God was the One to heal him. Though he was sad, he wanted to be in God's presence. Though everything was falling apart, He wanted God's Love to hold him together. And that - that is exactly where I am at. Broken, but clinging tight to Jesus. Sad, but trying hard to lift my eyes. Falling apart, but holding onto the One Who makes me who I am, because I know He can hold me together. Just like David, I want to run to God. His presence comforts me. He holds me. He breathes life into me... Whispers hope to my soul... He.is.enough.

So that's where you'll find me - weeping, but barefoot. Not because I believe being barefoot is a way of getting into God's presence, but because being without shoes reminds me of who God is, and the intimacy we have. Being barefoot reminds me that the ground I walk on is holy - set apart by God, for God... Able to be used by Him... Able to be transformed from ashes into beauty.

The ground where you walk might not seem so holy - but it is. Take off your shoes for a few minutes. Dedicate the season you're in to Him. Feel His presence in every breath. Realise that right where you are - whether you're weeping or laughing - it's all holy. It's all able to be used by Him. It's all held together by Him Who is the Cornerstone and the Head. You're on holy ground my friend. Take off those shoes - metaphorically, or physically - and allow yourself to be close to Him. He is here.

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