Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Driving today, I was suddenly struck by the thought of Gethsemane... I could see it all in my head, images in flashes, moments, pictures now engraved on my mind. Jesus, kneeling, sweat like blood pouring down His face, begging God for some other way. Trying to understand why it had to be this way. On His knees crying out for an option other than the one placed before Him all the while knowing there was no other way. Time was running short and they were coming for Him, and can you imagine the sense of dread? The fear closing in, the darkness pressing in all around, and all you know is that this is going to happen. Death is the only way. The pain had already begun for one had already betrayed Him, and the rest couldn't even stay awake long enough to pray. The people He trusted were weak and He knew it and He knew the only one He could rely on was God and what if He wasn't enough and how on earth was He going to do this.

And then a messenger from Heaven came to You and strengthened You. And You rose up off Your beautiful knees and said Father, not my will, but Yours be done.

Imagine the strength. the grace. the courage. the wisdom.

If our roles were switched and I was Jesus, I would have dug a hole right in that very ground and hid until everyone was gone and I could escape. There is no way I could have knelt and prayed knowing that a crowd was coming for me. Knowing they were going to torture me, strip me of my dignity, leave me hanging in pain, and finally, kill me. I would have been so out of there. Yet


He got off His knees and said 'okay God, let's do this. I dont want to, but Your will be done. I am here to accomplish your purpose.'

Imagine the selflessness. Imagine the beauty. Imagine GETHSEMANE.

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